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Right in time for the new year, we will get to see all of the planets aligning in the sky this month. This includes Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, which is a rare planetary alignment that will not happen again until 2492.

Astronomers and sky watchers tend to refer to an event like this as a planetary parade and for good reason, when you look to the sky, it appears that the planets have shown up and are showing out in parade form. Not all of these planets are visible to the naked eye, but if you go outside towards midnight (right before) throughout the month of January, you will see most of the planets aligned.

This is such a beautiful and unique event, that has happened for the past two years (once last June and now in time for the new year.) It won’t happen again in our lifetime, so it’s something you should at least take a moment to consider.

While the view is spectacular, this boils down to far more than just sky-watching. For those of us who tend to look at the world through a deeper lens, this is a time for reflection. When the planets align, there is a massive energetic shift that is pushing us to align with our highest selves. The universe is literally providing us with an opportunity to touch base with what matters and realign our focus.

This also is a great opportunity to open your eyes to all of the possibilities. Right now, the universe is showing us that there is so much that is left unseen for so much of our time here on this planet. Take a moment to consider all that you do not know and do not understand. Just because we don’t see something does not mean it does not exist. When you think about it, there is more that we don’t understand than we do. Just some food for thought.