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We are only human and while we might be able to put up with some huge things, we also need to take care of ourselves. If you move through life full speed without giving yourself a moment to breathe, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Even the strongest people need to sit down and relax from time to time. They might have themselves together within reason but to keep from falling apart they need breaks too. If you are a strong person, don’t let your need for a break make you feel less of what you are. You are still extremely powerful.

Strong people spend all of their time helping others and working to make the world a better place. This to the point where, in many cases, their own wants or needs fall through the cracks. Don’t be the kind of person who breaks down their strengths over time through not giving themselves time to recharge.

Life is short and we might want to get through things quickly but does that really seem like a good idea? Instead of pushing yourself too hard, stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the moment before you as it is.

Without you, there would be a lot of people in need without someone to lean on. If you do not take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of them? Selling yourself short won’t do you any good.

You are important and you’re needed. Sure, you might be tired of being the strong one, but you cannot change the fact that you are in fact an extremely powerful person. The aura you hold is one that draws people in and leaves them quite hooked with good reason.

If you need to step back for your own good, do so. Don’t let your need to be there for the people in your life keep you from being there for yourself in your own life. You matter too, just as much as everyone else.

If things are becoming too much don’t hesitate to say no. Of course, turning others down isn’t fun, but it is crucial sometimes. As long as you take care of the most important things first everything else will work out in the end.

Do you want to merely go through the motions or do you want to live a happy life? You deserve to smile day in and day out, don’t deprive yourself of that. We all sometimes worry and we all become overwhelmed sometimes. Don’t hurt yourself just to make things better on everyone else. Take a break and let your strength come back to the place where it was meant to be.