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Sometimes we get tired and while it might make us feel like we’re too weak or failing in general, that’s rarely ever the case. We are all strong and capable but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have our weak points here and there.

You are a human being and you should never beat yourself up for feeling tired or needing to take a break. Sure, you might be working on a lot and have more to do that you’re struggling with but giving yourself a moment of peace is important for your wellbeing. You can’t continue to do all that you do if you’re not taking proper care of yourself.

Sure, some people might seem to have themselves together a bit better than you do but that’s not always the case. You cannot see what they’re facing and chances are those people are just as stressed and exhausted as you are on the inside. We are all human and no one on this planet is perfect.

If you want to truly cultivate an inner power you need to be willing to focus on self-care from time to time. You aren’t going to be able to save the world if you cannot save yourself and the sooner you come to terms with that the better. Just because someone seems to have everything they could ever want and you feel like the grass where they are is greener does not mean it is or that they actually have everything. Those same people could be looking at you and your life in the same way and probably are.

We all get tired and we all go through ups and downs. If you need to give yourself a moment or even a whole day of just sitting at home and relaxing, do it. You deserve it. You aren’t weak for being upset or too tired to carry on, you’re stronger for being willing to admit it and do something about it.

Even the most powerful people in this world get tired and sometimes they need someone to help them in the ways you might need someone to help you. Whether you’re tired on a physical level, emotional level, or any other level you need to remember how important your own wellbeing is. The more you ignore this side of yourself the worse things will become.

You can be strong and still ask for help here and there, don’t let anyone or anything make you feel ashamed to admit that you’re unable to get something done on your own. A helping hand is a great thing to give as well as a great thing to receive. What strength truly is I believe has been misrepresented in current times. Strength isn’t letting yourself suffer so other people can flourish. Strength is making sure that you’re where you need to be so that you can do what you need to do for the people in your life as well.

We all need time to recharge and we all deserve those few moments to ourselves when those times are apparent. You are strong and you are powerful, while you might feel like everything is falling apart, it isn’t. Give yourself a break and stop treating yourself so badly.

Treat yourself the way you treat others. Be more kind, patient, and caring towards yourself so that you can really get where you need to be. Life is too short to spend your days miserable.