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Right now we are facing a serious energetic change as the vortex opens and the equinox us underway. With so much happening around us, these energies are bound to bring forth more than expected.

The Vortex for those who might not know is what we call the energies we are facing right now. With so much happening and things conflicting in many ways, we’re stuck right smack dab in the middle. That being said, progress is headed our way and will come from all of this. 

With Mars conjunct Jupiter today and the equinox underway, not only will the Goddess energies around us work to balance our lives more properly, but we will also be offered a sense of strength. This equinox brings forth a sense of renewal and allows us all to let go of the old and bring in the new. With that, we will be making lots of changes and looking in the right direction.

Now, regarding Mars being conjunct Jupiter Astrology King wrote as follows:

Mars conjunct Jupiter transit is ideal for starting anything that requires energy, initiative, and courage. Physical strength is heightened, as is your instinct for how and when to start something. You have the self-confidence to achieve major success at this time. It can be in any area of life from career to relationships, but especially anything of a physical nature.

Like with the natal aspect, the only catch is to know when you have gone too far. Overconfidence or over-exuberance has the potential to get you in trouble with gambling or partying. The good fortune of this transit will only go so far, and you must know when to pull out.

New relationships are possible now because of your extra charisma and supercharged sexual attractiveness. Your passionate desires will not get much stronger than this and you must do something physical. Your directness and courage will win you favors, whether it be in your love life or at work. You can impress the boss by showing initiative and getting hard tasks completed. All sporting and adventure type activities are favored. If you must take aggressive action then this is a good time for fighting. You can beat the competition in business, win a legal case or go on the physical attack with full confidence in yourself.

Sure, there are other things happening in the celestial world but you can learn more about all of that in the video below. This week is going to be heavily influenced and is going to allow us to really make a lot of progress in big ways. While we might be stuck at home, we’re still manifesting so much.