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As we move through the beginning of September we’re really feeling out of whack but in a good way. Things are changing and the energies around us are providing more and more for us whether we see that properly now or not.

Right now energies are becoming more and more intense which I believe has to do with the number of planets retrograding and the things going on in the celestial world. Because of the state of Mother Earth right now, fighting these energies off and allowing the ones to work in our lives that we need to is not easy but it is something we can do and if done right it will help us to align more properly with our higher selves. Things are not always as frustrating as they may feel when you first notice them, the more time that passes, the clearer that will become to you.

Yes, we will be facing a lot of trials and challenges as we move through this week but those issues are going to help us grow and ascend more properly. Whether we’re experiencing karmic issues or going through things that we never thought we would, they’re all going to be happening for a reason. Life is never as simple and clear cut as we think it will be.

During this period if your emotions begin weighing down on you more than expected, it is important to slow down and work through them. The more baggage you continue to drag around the slower you will become anyways. You need to give yourself a moment to work through the things you’re facing so that when the doors of opportunity place themselves before you, you are capable of walking through them as you should.

The month of September is one that will bring great wonder to us all and if we work with the things the Universe is working to show us we can all achieve great things. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself during this time.

I know, things might not always feel positive but the Universe knows what you need better than you do because it is more aligned with your higher self than you are. That being said, if you want to get on that level, you can. The more you work towards growing and becoming more of the person you were meant to be the easier everything will get as time passes.

Just believe in yourself and everything before you will turn out okay. Right now our intuitive side is more powerful than ever and that’s always a good power to have on your side. I for one cannot wait to see where this week takes me.