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As we move through this week there is a lot heading our way. While typically this isn’t something done for every week after pulling some card, I am quite excited to see how the things to come unfold.

As mentioned above for this week I took the time to pull three tarot cards with the intent of learning what this week overall held for most of us. While some of these things might not resonate with everyone if you’re wanting an idea of what could be to come you’re in the right place. Take a peek below to see what three cards I ended up pulling and what they mean for us.

The Hermit

This card represents a lot and reveals that we are all learning more about who we are and diving within. It tells us that this week is going to have a lot to do with soul searching as a whole.

The Nine Of Wands

This card shows us that we are facing a lot right now but working through it as best we can. You are being pushed to keep working hard and moving forward. With the Sun now in Scorpio, this card being pulled makes a lot of sense.

The Two Of Swords

This card overall is a good one to draw. For this week it reveals that we are going to be facing decisions that we otherwise might not even notice. When in doubt go with your gut. Your gut is something that might make you feel awkward but almost always pushes you in the best directions.

These things all show that the week we’re facing now is going to help us grow tremendously. Spend your time this week soul searching, getting your work done, and making the choices that you need to make. There are great things heading your way.