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We are only human and even the best of us get impatient from time to time but working to be as patient as possible with ourselves is one of the best things we will do. Patience is something that comes in handy no matter who you are or how far you’ve managed to make it on your path in this life.

This week is going to be an intense one, and while it might not sound like much to some it’s going to really knock many of us off of our feet. We are all going through transformations of many different sorts and the more aware we are of that the better. If you are energy sensitive I am sure you can already feel the power surging with you that the new year has brought with it.

The Universe itself is working to make sure that you’re seeing things clearly and making the right choices. You may actually end up feeling as if there are doors being forced open right before your very eyes that you are unable to ignore. This in itself is not a bad thing, it might be scary, but it’s a sign that you’re before something that will truly change your life.

While 2020 left us feeling quite empty and closed off the energies 2021 has brought forth are working to open us back up and show us that we have nothing to be too broken down over right now. Sure, we’re going through rough times but there will always be a rainbow at the end of it all. That bright light is guiding us in a direction we all need to be willing to move forth into.

During this period some of us will be taking the time to mark set boundaries while others will be diving into the unknown willingly. Where you lie on all of this really boils down to what you as a person are going through within. Soul-searching will also be quite highlighted as this week moves on and for some that might show them exactly what they’ve been ignoring but need to see.

Things are not always what we make them out to be and a lot of connections will be tried seriously during this period. That meaning some ties may end up being cut and some people from your past could be coming back out to play. The more attention you place in this area the further you will get once all is said and done.

Take things one step at a time and work with these energies not against them. While they might feel overwhelming at first once they start working in your life you will see that they all have purposes. The period of uncomfortable that you’re facing is not going to be enough to break you down, that much I can promise you.