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When we think of vampires we usually think of the fairy tale bloodsuckers, but the kind of vampire I am talking about is associated with energy and they are all around us!

Energy vampires are energy suckers that feed off of our energy and sense our life force. When this happens you will usually have to deal with something called a psychic attack, which can brink about misery  in more ways than you could ever imagine! There are two main kinds of ‘energy vampires’; physical and non-physical.

Types Of Energy Vampires:

Physical Energy Vampires

Some people are not able to continue on in this life without taking energy from those around them whether they know it or not. They often have emotional or mental issues that drain them causing them to feed off of the energy of others. An energetic part inside of this person attaches itself to you, and sets up the whole thing. This could be any person in your life a coworker, friend, family member, ETC.

Non-Physical Energy Vampires

These types of  vampires often go undetected and enter our lives with ease. They are opportunists who will attach to energy siphons that another human is using. They hit the hardest when you deal with something like trauma, injuries, addiction, and even extreme fear.

If you think you may be the victim of some sort of energy vampire you need to stop the following to cut them off. When you are doing the things listed below you are allowing these vampires to absorb all of your energy, leaving you with almost nothing. Letting these vampires deplete you will be detrimental in the long run.

1. Stop trying to fit in.

When you shrink yourself to fit into a group you are allowing yourself to be walked on. You never need to be less than what you truly are for sake of being accepted.

2. Stop talking to people who talk at you instead of to you.

People who leave you feeling drained after phone calls or in person visits should not be apart of your life.

3. Stop letting people make you feel guilty for not living up to their expectations.

Just be yourself because you are enough!

4. Stop letting other people walk all over you.

Doing the things other people want you to, even when you don’t want to is not right. You should never let people manipulate you into doing things for the wrong reasons.

5. Stop having meaningless physical contact.

You should be sleeping with someone who loves you as you do them, not someone who you know is using you. Meaningful love is the best type of physical affection.

6. Stop staying in toxic relationships because they are familiar.

Being in a relationship because it is familiar is no way to live. If you find yourself in a toxic situation, GET OUT! You deserve so much more.

7. Stop staying in bad situations.

If you are being mistreated be it physical or emotional you need to get out. These types of people suck out your energy until you have nothing left to give. They stay with you because they know you will take it. Stop taking it, stand up for yourself and get out.

Remember that in all of this you could also be stealing someone’s energy to combat the loss of your own. If you want to make sure you are not stealing the energy of others maintain a good sense of self-love and do not let your inner strength die off. For more information and tips on how to stop energy vampires check out the video below.