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There are energetic shifts throughout each year but the best ones are always those that bring in new things. For instance, the shift we’re about to face is one that ends 2019 and brings forth the abundance that the year 2020 has to offer each and every one of us.

As these energies build up more and more over the course of this month and through December you might not feel yourself. You’re going to be a bit disconnected and very much at war within. These energies are going to be quite overwhelming and unless we’re willing to make the most of them we will all be falling short.

Chances are if you’re a very sensitive person you most likely feeling these energies now and can tell that things are not what they were throughout the previous months. As you begin to adapt to these shifting energies the inner workings of your being itself are going to come full circle. During this time you need to embrace the changes to come and try to appreciate all that could be coming forth in the year 2020.

After this shift in itself, the vibration of the planet and those on it will never be the same. 2020 is going to be all about working to rise above the things that have been holding us back and working to overcome the challenges before us. Once we find our place in the year 2020 there will be no going back.

In regards to this 2020 shift and Forever Conscious wrote as follows:

2020 is not necessarily about wading through the darkness in order to “fix” it, instead, it is about rising above it. It is about raising ourselves so high that the darkness has no choice but to fall away.

The darkness is too heavy to carry into this new wave of being, so we have to unpack and let it go, in order to harmonize with the planet and the cosmos. And, the time to begin shedding, assessing, and evaluating is in 2019, for when 2020 rolls around, the time to rise would have already begun.

Now is the time to release, now is the time to unpack, now is the time to think about what you can shed and let go of in order to move into the new, and many of the cosmic alignments in 2019 are pointing to this.

While the things to come are going to be a bit hard to handle the first few months of 2020 will be a lot more relieving than you might assume they will be. There are lots of things going on in the celestial world and if you’re struggling to get your point across perhaps waiting until this shift has finished to clear the air. Things will be seemingly normal at some point, I can assure you of that.

What do you think 2020 will offer to you? Could this be the year you finally get things in order? I for one am going to be really doing all I can to make the most of it.