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As we move towards the end of November and make our way to the beginning of December energies are changing once again. Things like this are usually quite calm overall but right now most of us are struggling on an energetic level. 

From November 25th until December 1st things are going to be a bit out of whack. With the new moon on the 26th and lots of energies making their way here, things are not going to be dying down this week, at all. You should right now be feeling ready and willing to face the things to come but also hoping to do-so with someone special.

November has been all about confronting the darkest sides of ourselves and coming to terms with our pasts. Now that we have worked hard at forgiving ourselves and those around us, moving forward is inevitable and quite anticipated. This year has been quite a mind-blowing one and seeing it come to an end will be quite controversial within for a number of reasons.

While the 11/11 gateway has finally closed completely and the energies from it are gone, we are still for some reason reaching out and working to conquer our fears. If you’ve noticed things coming up in recent times that you otherwise would not be thinking about you should know that they are doing-so for a reason. This will set the mood for your year to come.

In regards to the energies, these last few days of November have to offer us Lee Hariss Energy noted as follows on their website:

But whilst the power of listening to your intuition and messages you get is great, I am a big believer that we are not the servants to our intuition – our intuition comes to us for us to work with. I’ve seen many people lose their way because they have given their power away to an intuitive message when clearly the timing for the message wasn’t quite right on the ground. But because they received this intuitive message, they keep following it and end up banging their head against a brick wall. 

Intuitive listening is on the rise. So you might get messages, you might get visions. But let the visions sit with you for a while – be a scientist and observe how these visions or messages are positively or negatively impacting your life. And more importantly, pay attention to how you as a human being interpret them. For example, if you’re a person who’s running some manic energy in your life (perhaps from a trauma or perhaps that’s partly the way that you’re wired) and a vision comes down telling you to immediately move to Portugal you might think, “Oh wow – the vision told me I have to move to Portugal immediately so – I must move to Portugal!”

It’s important for you to recognize the manic energy in yourself and to see that your reaction is chaotic because it isn’t grounded. The vision is something that’s inviting you to see a new possibility for your life and now it’s your job as a human being to work with it and see if you can ground it. Because an ungrounded vision can be very messy for all involved. I bring a little caution here because I believe that intuition is a great teacher for us, not just because it connects us to the unseen realms and the energy worlds that we are all a part of, but because it gives our human ego a chance to ‘clean up our act’. 

The more we allow these energies to work for us the more benefits we will end up reaping. You are going to be much more willing to truly commit this week and through that find great success. Do your best to embrace all that is to come and remember who you are above all else.