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If you’re feeling out of place chances are you’re picking up on the shifting that is currently occurring. 

As we face the first days of December things are not going to go over as well as we would like for them too. Each of us is going to be forced within and the more that this happens the more confused we will become. From now until the 8th we’re all going to be on edge and trying to figure out just what we want moving forth for this last month of 2019. 

Throughout the course of this month, lots of changes are coming forward. Now that Jupiter has left his home sign, we’re becoming more business-oriented and hoping to figure out where our futures are headed. There will be lots of ups and downs which could in many ways shake all of us up and bring forth new situations.

In regards to the beginning of December wrote as follows on their website:

This isn’t a “unicorns and rainbows” type of energy though. No, it’s more like a restrictive, stern, but optimistic teacher — the kind that will smile at you and punish you simultaneously if you hand in your homework late or if you dare to look up something up online instead of researching it the old-fashioned (slower) way.

But, this is also the kind of teacher that will applaud you if you decided to do the extra credit assignment — especially if you didn’t need to. Why? You will have earned his respect and, thus, his support. Think of Jupiter in Capricorn as this type of personality and you have the secret recipe for your success over the next year.

Getting to know yourself right now is very important and as we all continue to grow it can set the mood for a very positive and overwhelming new year to come. While 2020 is not quite here yet, it is important that we do all we can to ensure it will remain as we hope. The current energies we are going through will catch you off guard.

Don’t obsess too much over putting yourself out there or spend too much time refusing to let go. Use this time to address issues and work through them. You can overcome a lot if you’re willing to really make an effort in current times.

Now is a good time for you to grow your relationships with others more properly and really come to terms with the things you have done in your life so that you can truly move on. The things this world is bringing to your attention are not to spite you or slow you down, they are to bring you to where you need to be in life. Embrace all that is before you, greatness is coming.

For more information on this whole situation and what the beginning of December may hold for you please check out the video below. Things might not be what you would want them to be in this moment but the challenges you’re going to be facing and the searching you’re doing will all pay off properly once everything is said and done.