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Empaths tend to want to help any and everyone that they can. This is both a weakness and a strong point. You see, empaths are people who will forgive others time and time again, and they often tend to let the wrong people get far too close.

Empaths get in so much trouble emotionally because they are so kind and giving they attract people who need to be fixed. You cannot fix everyone. Empaths see someone in pain and they cannot help but try their best to save them. They believe that deep down every person is good but sadly that just isn’t true.

Empaths connect with people who are drawn to them. They are often targeted by energy vampires and narcissists. Sometimes they not only absorb the emotions but the responsibilities of others too. For instance, if someone hurts them they feel like it is their fault even when it isn’t.

Empaths will often find themselves in abusive relationships be it emotional or physical. As an empath, you need to be aware that you are not responsible for the rest of the world. There will be people you have to overlook.

As an empath myself, I know this is hard. It is something I struggled with for a long time. Not everything is our fault. We deserve to get exactly what we give in relationships. This goes for friendships as well as romantic relationships. When someone betrays you time and time again forgiving them should at some point stop being an option.

If we are putting in all the effort and making all the changes we need to get out of that toxic environment. We deserve someone who will care for us in the ways we are for them. Someone who will remind us that just because we feel like something is our fault does not mean that it is. Someone who will own up to his or her mistakes and make us feel better when we need them to.

It is our job as empaths to remember how important it is to protect ourselves. We must set healthy boundaries and not let anyone cross them. We must release the negativity that we absorb each day and we must stay strong.

The stronger we are and the more aware we become, and we can be indestructible. We can overcome anything that is thrown our way. Empaths need to be around other people but they also need time to themselves, we all need to find balance in this. If you never give yourself space and do not recharge you will fall victim to something terrible.

Toxic people are all around us. We cannot completely avoid them. If you are dealing with any kind of toxic person in your life please do what is best for you and let them go. Being with a toxic person will only bring you pain and suffering.

This is not what anyone should settle for. Get out there in the world and do good for those who truly deserve it. Stop wasting your gift, use it to do the things that should be done in this world.