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Empaths are not able to save or help everyone, sure they may want to but that doesn’t change things. While these two kinds of people seem drawn to one another, they are very bad for each other.

Narcissists are dangerous for us all because of how manipulative they are, but they are so much more dangerous for empaths. Of course, empaths are healers but you cannot heal someone who does not want to be healed or someone who refuses to accept that they are in some ways wounded. While as an empath you may try your damnedest to help the narcissist get to a better place in his or her life, things will never be as you want them to be. 

Instead of allowing the empath to help them through something the narcissist will throw the weight of that burden entirely onto the empath. He or she will be quite dramatic overall and leave the empath taking on much more than he or she should be. This meaning the empath will get taken advantage of by the narcissist time after time.

Because narcissists don’t really care how they impact others, they’re not going to feel bad for putting so much on the empath and the empath is going to continue to suffer as a result. Narcissists have themselves convinced that there is nothing wrong with them and no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to convince them of anything different.

Narcissists because they never come to terms with reality are not the kinds of people you can fix or heal. They will use the empath for as long as he or she will allow it and in the end, the empath will get fed up and jump ship. If you’re an empath knowing to distance yourself from narcissists could be a crucial tip.

The narcissist will cross your boundaries time after time no matter how you reinforce them. He or she will break you down and make you feel like a shell of whom you once were. You will feel terrible for not being able to make things better and perhaps even blame yourself for how the narcissist is.

For more information on this, please check out the video below. You as an empath do not have to keep doing so much for the narcissist. He or she does not deserve your time and effort. Find someone to care for who will take the things you say to heart.