As an empath, you may be more prone to depression whether you realize it or not. Because you’re taking in so much, you’re really putting yourself at risk.

While empaths are tuned into something higher sometimes it’s hard to process the things that you’re taking in properly. These things can and sometimes do pile up inside of us leaving us wondering what emotions belong to us and which are not our own. The deeper we absorb the more dangerous our gift becomes unless we know how to address this kind of thing properly.

As an empath, the only way to truly prevent issues in this area is to clear the energies you absorb and make sure you’re grounding yourself properly. You can’t just ignore this kind of thing and expect it to get better. If you never address the feelings you’re facing you will never be able to work through them properly.

Empaths are affected on a deeper level by everything around them. The things people say, do, and even how their energies react to our own can bring the empath down. Empaths can sense this kind of danger quickly but usually refuse to run from it which makes things worse.

Instead of giving your all throughout your life, you should know that on some occasions you need to walk away and that there are some people you cannot do anything for. Just because you’re an empath does not mean you’re going to save the whole world alone. Empaths on their own can only do so much and must work hard to keep themselves in check. The more they overdo things the more stressed and weak they become. It is all too common for an empath to realize when it’s too late that he or she was doing too much for the wrong people.

If you’re an empath and you’re feeling out of place an alone, you need to give yourself some space and work to clear out all that you’ve absorbed in recent times. Recharging and letting go are two of the most important things for an empath. Make sure you’re not feeding into someone who refuses to help feed into you and work on following the tips in the video below.

As an empath, you’ve got to work hard to keep things in check and that takes a lot of practice. If right now you’re struggling to keep your head up and continue to try. You’ll get things in time and once you do it will be much easier to keep negative feelings at bay whether they’re yours or someone else’s.

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