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Have you ever been around someone new and felt as if they basically hated you even though you had done nothing wrong? This is something that happens quite frequently to the Empath.

Someone instantly disliking you does not mean there is something wrong with you. It means that the person who dislikes you is lacking in themselves. As Empaths we reflect parts of others onto them as well. We bring awareness to a lot of things they may not want awareness brought to.

These people are opting for the easy route. They are choosing to not face things and just go right into not liking you and hating on you. These people are toxic in that sense and you cannot always help them.

These people see the warmth in your aura and how shiny the light within you is. They want to take that away from you because they are jealous. These kinds of people refuse to even give the Empath a chance. Because your vibration is so intense they cannot handle your presence.

You cannot hide anything from an Empath and it is a feeling that not everyone can handle. Would you like someone who somehow knew everything that you had been trying so hard to conceal? They direct their negative emotions onto the Empath and sometimes it really hurts. This kind of thing can really drain the Empath.

Being around an Empath is not always going to be a ‘good experience.’ Empaths bring up a lot of things that others loathe within. I know this may sound a bit repetitive but it is very important to know. As an Empath, there is not much you can do about this.

People tend to take Empaths in the wrong way. They assume they aren’t being genuine, and they jump the gun; however, not everyone deserves our efforts. If someone is not willing to even give you a chance in their life then it is their loss.

If you are an Empath you know how often this kind of thing happens. Being an Empath is not as simple or ‘easy’ as everyone likes to make it seem. Finding balance in this world is a lot harder than it sounds. We all take things differently, don’t let the people who don’t like you for no reason get to you.