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Some relationships work and others don’t, and that is just how things are. However, there are many that are doomed from the start, and a relationship between an empath and a narcissist is one of those.

These two are so far apart on the spectrum that destiny has their romance falling apart before it even begins. The relationship between a narcissist and an empath is only going to damage the empath to a point where she or he is not going to recognize who they are anymore.

Opposites do attract and narcissists are drawn to empaths, but that doesn’t mean the relationship should actually happen. It is not even worth trying, because destruction will be all that follows.

14 Stages Of a Damned Relationship (The Empath and The Narcissist):

1. The narcissist spots the empath and the empath is instantly attracted to him or her. You see the empath falls in love quickly when someone truly sparks their flame. The narcissist does not have to work hard to develop a proper bond with the empath.

2. The empath believes that he or she has found the one. The empath truly believes true love is finally within grasp. The narcissist feeds into this illusion by making the empath feel amazing inside and out.

3. The narcissist will really put a good bit of effort into things during this time. The empath will believe that they matter and are important to the narcissist. The narcissist has everyone fooled.

4. As time goes on, the narcissist will begin to wear down the empath. The empath is slowly becoming weaker and while the narcissist says ‘I don’t want to hurt you’ it is all a lie. The empath will begin feeling bad for being who she or he is.

5. The empath will do whatever he or she can to try and soothe the narcissist, resolving any issues and listening without question. The empath is a giver and so that is what he or she does.

6. The narcissist takes and takes until the empath is at his or her breaking point. A good clear heart like this one is going to end up broken. The empath begins to question everything as the narcissist has delved deeper into gaslighting.

7. The relationship revolves around the narcissist, and he or she makes the empath feel as if everything is their fault. The empath is afraid to stand up and fight, so he or she just sits back and takes it. The empath would rather be liked than disliked, and this is a true weakness.

8. The narcissist is constantly gaining more and more control as the empath puts forth all of his or her efforts. While this is the last ditch effort from the empath, it fails, leaving the empath stuck for now.

9. The narcissist comes home causing a stir so the empath finally works up the nerve to speak out. This causes the narcissist to switch into victim mode. The narcissist turns things around this time. He or she is still in control and the empath feels even worse, cornered and trapped.

10. After weeks or in some cases longer, of fighting and arguing the empath finally realizes what is happening. He or she notices how much of who they are that has been lost. This is when the empath begins to shy away.

11. As the empath carries on, they will learn that not everyone they fall for can be trusted and that their needs matter too. The narcissist notices a change in power, so he or she decides to do something about it. This is where things get very messy.

12. Our empath decides to move out and finds comfort with his or her supportive friends and family. For some, this is not an option, and they must figure things out on their own. The narcissist then tries to make things right by lying to get the empath back.

13. When getting the empath back fails the narcissist moves on. He or she jumps right into looking for a new victim. The empath is left to pick up the pieces and attempt to glue them back together.

14. The empath will be stronger in time and will not have to endure this sort of pain again and the narcissist will stay stuck repeating the same cycle. We must all be cautious about who we let into our lives. Just because someone seems perfect doesn’t mean they are.

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