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Empaths and HSP are very unique as a whole and while they are not the same thing, they do have a lot in common. Both need time to recharge and both are sensitive to the energies and emotions of the people around them.

Water for these kinds of people can be and usually is a great and powerful form of protection. Not only does it wash away the stress and negativity that they’ve been facing it also helps them to feel renewed as a whole. Whether they’re simply smelling the salty air by the ocean or getting their toes wet in a pond, energy sensitive beings are able to gain a lot by living near bodies of water. 

There is already no denying that there is a connection between empaths and other energy-sensitive people to water as a whole. They are drawn to it in ways that most others just won’t understand. This in many ways relates back to how tuned into nature they are bot isn’t entirely summed up as that.

Below I am going to go over some of the benefits that these kinds of people gain by living close to bodies of water. Because they live close to them they can go experience them as they feel necessary. The further away they are the harder it is for them to gain access to these healing properties.

6 Reasons Why Energy Sensitive Beings Benefit From Living Near Bodies Of Water:

1. The flow of water will help balance their chakras.

Energy sensitive people overall need their chakras balanced frequently because of how much energy they take in on a day-to-day basis. Through being in water they are able to promote a more positive flow within. The flow of the water around them will help their chi to also flow freely.

2. Depending on what kind of water they’re near they may be able to ‘salt soak’ on an intense level.

If an energy sensitive person is living near a salty body of water they can take a salt bath literally in the ocean. This will relax them and help them to free themselves of the things clinging to their auras. While it won’t be as comfortable for everyone, for many it is something well worth trying out.

3. The sound these bodies of water make can be relaxing.

Because energy-sensitive people take on so much a lot of the time they’re on edge. Being near these bodies of water can provide them with sounds that help them to relax. The more time they spend near the water the less stressed their minds are. Shoes off and feet in the sand walking at night on the beach, that’s a great way to really let go.

4. Water is cleansing.

When we are in bodies of water we are able to cleanse ourselves. If as an energy sensitive person you’re carrying too much with you, wash it away. Using the water that Mother Nature has provided you with, allow the things you’ve been unable to free yourself from to melt off of your being.

5. Mother Nature speaks to them through these bodies of water.

Energy sensitive people love to be one with nature. They spend a lot of time outside and on their own. Being near water allows them a deeper connection with Mother Nature herself. Through these places, energy-sensitive people feel they can speak more openly with the universe itself.

6. It provides them with some of the freshest air possible.

When you’re near a body of water, especially the sea itself you’re in a place that provides you with fresh air full of negative ions. This makes it easier for you to de-stress and allows you to take in more oxygen. Overall being in places like this will promote a more positive mood.