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As you may know, there is going to be a full moon on the 12th of this month and with that, we are being thrown through some serious hoops. Sure, you’re feeling a bit down right now but that’s about to change.

This full moon will be in the sign Taurus at 19 degrees. It will be pushing us all to get things done and making many of us finally begin truly chasing our goals. If you’ve been needing motivation, this full moon will provide you with exactly that. 

Because one of the major planetary aspects of this full moon is Saturn sextile Neptune, we’re all in store for something special. This experience overall will bring forth a lot of gain in the world of spirits. We will all be working hard and facing things in a more sensible manner. If you’re not used to pushing the limits, now is going to really take you out of your comfort zone in every sense of the word. 

In regards to what we should all be expecting during this full moon Astrology King wrote as follows:

The November 12 full moon at 19°51′ Taurus is opposite Mercury, bringing the potential for communication problems. Mercury in retrograde motion would seem to make matters worse. But this is, in fact, a positive full moon in many respects.

Any Mercury retrograde challenges can be resolved through harmonious blue aspects to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Mars sextile Jupiter is an extremely fortunate influence, even though not directly aspecting the full moon. Finally, there are no major fixed stars conjunct the November 12 full moon but it does sit within a lucky Chinese lunar mansion.

Full moon opposite Mercury makes the understanding and communication of your feelings a major theme of this moon phase. Inner conflict between your thoughts and your feelings may occur, resulting in confusion, polarized thinking or anxiety. Tribalism, nationalism, and other prejudices are possible.

Misunderstandings and arguments are possible but the harmonious aspects to Saturn and Neptune reduce these risks. This is a good full moon aspect for spending quiet time in reflection or chatting with a mentor about some of your inner feelings which you sense are holding you back.

Don’t be too alarmed, the greatness to come is nothing to be concerned over. We are all going to be moving through November in a very positive light. Are you ready for this full moon? Perhaps it is what will finally get you where you need to be.

Remember to keep yourself grounded and focused on all you’re working to gain and everything will go over quite smoothly. Sure, these energies might sound like a lot but if you allow them to work for you, things won’t be as crazy as you might feel like they’re going to be. The full moon to come is going to be one that truly changes everything. Maybe now is really the time for you to work on finding proper footing before all of this kicks off.