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While it might not be something we think about often our body is what in a sense holds all of our pain. If you bottle the negative things in your life rather than feeling them properly, your spiritual self will suffer and the sooner you realize that the better.

Our muscles are able to retain some emotions that we refuse to process and as a result, we can end up feeling much less like ourselves. These emotional buildups can and will take a serious toll on your body so working to get rid of them is important. We as human beings are very emotional creatures and so things like this are unavoidable and energy clearings in regards are something we should never be too closed off from. 

There is science behind how our body reacts to the things we’re facing emotionally. Stress in itself that stems from negative emotions and processing as a whole can take a serious toll on us physically so please don’t dismiss this as some kind of spiritual hoo-ha. We as human beings are meant to feel things and when we try to close ourselves off from the negative we also close doors in regards to the positive. Becoming numb is not an answer to your problems and the sooner you realize that the better.

Now, when it comes to letting go of the negative things locked within your body holding you back on a scale you might not be able to fathom just yet, you need to work to relax yourself. The more comfortable you are in your own life and skin the better. Meditation is a great way to work to release the things you’ve been refusing to process. 

Sit alone with your thoughts and give yourself permission to feel all the things you’ve been holding back. If you need a good cry, let it all out and if you’re unable to shed a tear just work to let go of any of the pressures this world is putting on you and really begin to unpack all of this baggage you’ve been carrying around with you. You are not weak for being emotional, you are human, and we are all emotional.

The sooner you stop judging yourself and start treating yourself with the care that you treat others with the easier all of this will be on you. Just because you don’t want to feel something does not mean you should be unwilling to feel it. The more you hold yourself back in this manner the less good you will find in this world. 

Release all the emotions you have pent up within and really allow them to flow out of your body. Personally, when meditating I like to use my third eye to envision a darker energy leaving my body for as long as it needs to do so, this in order for even the remains of these negative emotions to find their ways out of my being. Once you’ve finally managed to do this you will feel so much better but you do need to remember not to revert back to your bottling ways. 

If you are going through something and have no one to talk to about it, try to write things out and destroy the papers after, that in many ways allows you to hold these emotions for a moment and then let go of them as you see fit. Through coming to terms with the baggage you’ve carried for so long and unpacking it, you will begin to feel much better both mentally and physically.

Self-care in this sense is not something many people stop to think about, but they should. Be willing to love yourself enough to make sure you’re where you need to be when it comes to this kind of thing. You deserve to live a life that you’re happy to live. If you’re experiencing tension in your body, that tension could be coming from your soul.