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Emotional intimacy is something we all crave whether we’re aware of it or not. While it might sound a bit cheesy overall, emotional intimacy is crucial to our development in more ways than you’d expect.

Now, for those who do not know, emotional intimacy is our closeness with another. When we are emotionally intimate with someone we can share things with them we wouldn’t share with anyone else and the feeling is mutual. Your feelings are made clear and both of you truly understand one another.

I know, some of you might be thinking that concept is too good to be true but for many of us it is real, and if you work hard enough to build the right connection it could be true for you as well. When you’ve connected with someone on this level you can see their true selves, and they can see your true self. 

In many ways, intimacy in this sense and acceptance go hand in hand. Emotional intimacy is all about really seeing one another and being willing to overlook the bad because the good outweighs it. You care for one another and are willing to open up your heart to the very person who is also opening up their heart to you.

When we are emotionally intimate with someone we are connected to them in a big way. We are appreciated by them, loved by them, and truly respected by them in ways others cannot commit to. They know we give and receive equally and so our connection is very strong. Both of you value one another and no one is being left out in the rain, so to speak.

When you and your partner get to a place in life and in life where you’re both emotionally intimate with one another, you’ve made it. You’ve found exactly what you needed in life and you’re growing tremendously. Emotional intimacy is so much more important than physical intimacy. You need to be able to be raw and open with your partner above all else. This in many ways allows you to bridge things together that other couples could never imagine. 

For more information on this kind of thing check out the video below. Are you and your partner emotionally intimate? Perhaps if you’re not there is something you should be working on right now?

Relationships are not easy but you can make them a lot less of a hassle if you’re willing to put in the work. Love doesn’t have to feel like it’s tearing you apart, just be open and honest with the person you’re spending your time around. Help them grow and allow yourself to grow as well.