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While a lot of people seem to think that those who choose to spend time on their own or who prefer not to go out often are ‘weird’ or ‘lonely’ that’s not always the case. Being an introvert is a very positive thing and comes with a lot of benefits.

Introverted people are usually great listeners, observant, thoughtful, an in many ways quite compassionate. While some introverts think life would be easier if they were extroverts, the truth is being an extrovert is just as stressful in its own ways. Both kinds of people are capable of succeeding in their own ways.

For those who might not be aware introverts are people who live an introverted life. They prefer to do things on their own and are not energized by social events. Unlike their extroverted counterparts, they tend to keep their circles small. They are social in their own ways and enjoy more one-on-one environments.

Introverted people tend to be much more proficient in the world of academics and are actually much more likely to be successful according to Walden University. While not always the best in their own minds when it comes to leading others, they are very effective leaders and much more emotionally intelligent than other people. Being the life of the party is not always what it is cracked up to be.

Introverted people are some of the strongest people in this world, and they are able to accomplish more goals than most. They tend to be much more driven and are able to focus properly in a lot of ways. If you are an introvert or know an introvert you also know how observant they are. They notice the smallest things and are able to really pick up on things others would overlook.

Psychology Today wrote as follows regarding introverts:

Introversion is often mistaken for shyness. But the two traits are distinct. Those who are shy want to engage with others but are fearful of doing so, often highly self-conscious and easily inhibited by others. Many introverts socialize easily; they just strongly prefer not to or to do so in very small groups.

Unfortunately, introverts are often labeled by others as aloof or arrogant. Not only may their disposition be misconstrued as shyness, they may be seen as suffering from social phobia, or even avoidant personality disorder. Introversion is a positively healthy if often misunderstood, way of negotiating the world.

Embracing your introverted side or opening up to the fact that you are an introvert, in general, is one of the best things you can do. While there is nothing wrong with being an extrovert or perhaps even an omnivert, being an introvert is pretty great. To learn more about introverts please feel free to check out the video below. Are you the kind of person who can truly enjoy your own company?