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While various spiritual traditions (and non-traditions for those who choose a more ‘eclectic path,’) have observed the cycles of the moon through powerful rituals for eons, you don’t have to be a full-blown witch to enjoy the benefits they give.

From connecting with the spirit realm to attracting positive new beginnings into your life- each cycle of the moon offers a different way to enhance your life if you are open to embracing it. Thankfully, if you have never done a ritual before, there is no better time than this weekend, as, on June 17th, we will be experiencing a full Strawberry fire moon.

June is referred to as the Strawberry moon, as currently, farmers are harvesting the literal fruits of their labor in the form of ripened fruit plants that were planted during the spring. As berries are collected (actually part of my own ritual 😉 ) Not only is June’s full moon referred to as the Strawberry moon but in Europe, it is sometimes called the Honey Moon and is often presented as the time to wed. (Think of honeymoons…)

According to Wiccan and Witchcraft traditions, during this time, you will be more prone to attracting knowledge, making a longterm journey, growing your intuition, forgiving, obtaining independence and also sweetening things up. Try the following to add sweetness to something in your life.

Some berries, honey dips, cookies, and other ‘ceremonial’ food to eat. Try berry wines if you are of age, or even get some mead.
Find a place outside, or in your home for the ritual. It’s optimal to at least have a spot where you can spend a moment of reflection  (if not the whole ritual) under the moon. If you don’t- that’s okay. Open a window, or simply do it where you can.

Candles (you can set up representations for your higher power through candles, or ones that have a color for each element, or simply a pretty red and gold one for strawberries and honey. I also like white tealight for rituals.

Incense- something sweet.

A piece of red or gold paper (or white if that’s all you can get) a pen (once again the theme colors are optimal but get creative) and some thread or yarn.

A small jar.

A few berries and some honey to mash together and place in the jar.


Now, clean the area. Set up a small ceremony, as small or big as you’d like.

You can invite likeminded friends, or family to join, or do the ritual alone.

Sprinkle the salt in a circle.

Now, imagine a white glowing protective & positive globe building around you to fill you with divine energy. You are protected and you are safe. This area is for a beautiful and spiritual experience. Light your candles, and say a blessing, prayer or invocation to your higher power, or simply make a toast.

Mash the honey and berries. As you do, imagine the part of your life (a connection to someone you love, your finances, your health, or just envision a happier life) sweetening. See it in detail, exactly how you want it. See specific changes, and realistic ones are best. But, the sky is the limit. Once mashed, and visualization feels complete- fill the jar with the concoction. Seal it with candle wax, and place on your working table or space. Write down on the paper in simple terms 3 wishes regarding your ‘sweetening,’ but keep in mind- this is for sweetening, not forcing the will of others!

Tie the note up and set it aside. Now, begin talking to the jar sweetly. Call it endearing names, hold it while caressing it. Truly push love into the jar. Do this for as long as you feel necessary and the longer the better. Hold it up to the moon as you do this.

In the end, place the jar and the note in a small velvet bag, with the remnants of the spell, and place it somewhere you will see it daily. Within days, you will notice it taking effect, and by week two, you will know your ritual worked!

At the end of this phase of the ritual, sit down and ground. Eat, drink and be merry. Say a prayer or blessing under the moon. Blow out candles, and imaging the globe slowly fade to black. Your ritual is complete <3 Blessed be!