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It’s crazy how much our priorities shift as we get older. As a 32-year-old lady, looking back at who I was in my 20s, sometimes I shake my head at how naive I truly was.

That may not seem like a large enough gap in time to make a real difference, but I mean it when I say, I am an entirely different person. There are so many things I would tell the young, uptight version of myself. And it amazes me that one day, 42-year-old me will say the same. There will be dozens of things she needs to tell the present me that I honestly wish I could hear.

In a very informative survey video, a group of elderly women speaks candidly about what they would do differently if they were young women today. Admittedly, most of them explain how difficult it would be to be a young woman these days, and I have to say, I agree.

“With all the things that you have, the opportunities, the technology, I’d like to think it could be a world of pleasure,” one woman says at the beginning of the video.

“But I fear instead it would only be a world of pressure,” concludes another.

“Pressure to be the perfect mother. The perfect wife. The perfect friend. ” Another continues.

“I’d give myself time the time to indulge in the things that I now understand are the most important.” says another.

“What I wouldn’t give to extend those goodnight kisses instead of moaning about having to get up early in the morning.”

“What I wouldn’t give for the next second of cuddling my babies before they became too big to hold.”

One of the most important takeaways from this video was the message about living in the present moment. Sometimes, we get so caught up being productive, chasing our dreams, and trying to be perfect, that we forget that the journey is the whole point. Not the destination. And I think that is really profound.

If you are older, what would you tell the younger generations today? I’d love to hear what you have to say.