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If you’re wanting to make the most of the energies around you right now as the Equinox is finally here, now is your chance. While it might sound silly, perhaps egg balancing could be a ritual you end up doing each year.

Below I am going to go over an old tradition that I have and many others have as well begun using as a means of putting our intentions forth and setting the proper mood for the season before us. Through this magic and egg balancing come together and inviting blessings forth and working to bring balance into our lives is more prominent.

Spring Equinox Egg Balancing Ritual:

Things Needed:

1 Fresh Egg

1 Marker (Preferably Red)


Take your fresh egg and set your intentions properly. Remind yourself that you want to bring blessings forth and invite balance to find you. Do not doubt this and make sure you’re trusting the universe and the energies at play when you’re setting your intentions.

Once you’ve done this draw the symbol of the spring equinox on one side of the egg and your initials on the other with the marker. For those who do not know the spring equinox symbol is a circle with ears at the top that curve down it almost looks like a doodle bunny, really. It doesn’t have to be perfect but as long as you’re putting the intent behind it, things should go over well.

From here, hold the egg in your hands and meditate with it. Open your heart and envision the energies this equinox has brought for us flowing through you. After all of that has finally been done and you think you’re ready to try and balance the egg, give it a try.

Balance it wherever you see fit and let it sit balanced for as long as it will. When it has finally fallen over bury this in the ground outside or place it in nature somewhere. In doing this you are offering it to Mother Nature herself and through that these blessings will begin to manifest in more ways than you could ever imagine.

While this might sound silly, it’s quite powerful and will help you really move forth with proper footing. You can do this on the night of the equinox or within the next few days following it. Whatever works best for you is fine as long as you make sure to really feed into the energies before you and remain as open-minded with this as possible.