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Eclipse season 2021 starts Wednesday, May 26, and in astrology terms, that means we are in for some intense energy.

Eclipse Astrology

In general, eclipses get a bad rap, because of the fear they provoked in the past when total eclipses plunged people into blackness and the life-sustaining light was eradicated by a seemingly powerful force. In current times we are better informed about celestial events. We know the light will return. We can, however, marvel at the event if we are lucky enough to experience it.

Eclipses are times of great power when mighty forces are unleashed, so we need to stay alert to their action in our lives. They are characteristics of who we are, of the path we walk, and the growth necessary to become all we can be. An eclipse could change one person’s life forever and leave another’s completely untouched, not because one person was unlikely or another was fortunate, cursed, or blessed, but because by the person’s very nature, experience the energies of an eclipse as only they can.

During Eclipse season you have to really be on edge and ready to expect any and everything, even the things you might never truly imagine. Because of how powerful these energies are, tons of opportunities and so forth will come up. This 2021 Eclipse season will really put you on the right path and help you work through any karmic debts you’ve been dealing with.

Eclipses always occur on the full or new moon and bring with them a sense of real regeneration. With each Eclipse season, we are pushed to really better understand the universe and our connection to it all. The more we work with the energies before us the more motivated we will feel to really make changes in our lives.


May 26, 2021: Total Eclipse of the Moon. This eclipse is only partially visible from North America. The best views will be from western North America, and the eclipse will also be visible from Hawaii. The Moon will enter the penumbra at 4:46 A.M. EDT (1:46 A.M. PDT) and umbra at 5:45 A.M. EDT (2:45 A.M. PDT). It will leave the umbra at 8:53 A.M. EDT (5:53 A.M. PDT) and penumbra at 9:51 A.M. EDT (6:51 A.M. PDT).

June 10, 2021: Annular Eclipse of the Sun. This eclipse is visible from northern and northeastern North America, beginning at 4:12 AM EDT and ending at 9:11 AM EDT. The time of maximum eclipse varies by location. Note that this is an annular eclipse; the Moon will never fully obscure the visible surface of the Sun—at maximum eclipse, an “annulus” (ring) around the Sun will still be visible. It is safe to view this eclipse only when using eye protection such as “eclipse glasses” or a solar filter.

November 19, 2021: Partial Eclipse of the Moon. This eclipse is visible from North America and Hawaii. The Moon will enter the penumbra at 1:00 AM EST on November 19 (10:00 PM PST, November 18) and umbra at 2:18 AM EST on November 19 (11:18 PM EST, November 18). It will leave the umbra at 5:47 AM EST (2:47 AM PST) and penumbra at 7:06 AM EST (4:06 AM PST) on November 19.

December 4, 2021: Total Eclipse of the Sun. This eclipse is not visible from North America. (It will be visible from the Falkland Islands, the southern tip of Africa, Antarctica, and southeasternmost Australia.)

Astrology According to Tali Edut Via,

Eclipse season starts on May 26, 2021, with the full moon in Sagittarius, which is a lunar eclipse. On June 10, there is a new moon in Gemini, which is a solar eclipse.

Fun fact: lunar eclipses always happen during full moons and solar eclipses happen with new moons

In astrology, we interpret these events as moments that bring a surprise or reveal something that’s been hidden in plain sight.

That’s because eclipses reveal a shadow: in the event of a lunar eclipse, we see the Earth’s shadow on the full moon. During a solar eclipse, we see the moon blocking out sunlight.

The May 26 lunar eclipse will be visible here in the Pacific NW but the June 10 solar eclipse will not.

Eclipses occurred in these signs a year ago right around the time of George Floyd’s death and the global uprising for racial justice. This makes sense since the eclipses took place in Sagittarius, which is the sign of cross-cultural relationships, and Gemini which rules community gathering and communication. New dialogues will emerge again this year.

On a personal note, Sagittarius and Gemini also rule international and local travel. With restrictions lifting in some places, people may rush to travel, but should still take precautions. Eclipses bring that X factor of surprise, so better safe than sorry.

Here’s how this will affect the zodiac signs:

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Time to reconnect with people far and wide, explore entrepreneurial ventures and creative partnerships

EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): These are money moons for earth signs! Hidden investment opportunities could arise, but look for hidden costs and forgotten charges!

AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Balance the “me” and the “we” in partnerships, so you have autonomy and togetherness and clear agreements

WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Pick up on healthy habits, detox from ones that are zapping your energy. De-stress at work


Eclipse season is a time that should be welcomed along with all that they have in store for us, both personally and collectively. Whatever it is the universe has in store for us with eclipse season, we can rest assured that the biggest stumbling block will always be inside us, in the form of our expectations and assumptions about life. In the end, it is all about how we manage them that matters most at this most unpredictable time.