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A major energetic shift is coming, as we inch our ways closer to the upcoming full moon eclipse happening on November 19th. Then to add even more intensity, on December 4th, we will experience a total solar eclipse.

Eclipses are all about transformation, with the lunar eclipses focusing on the spiritual transformation from within, and solar ones causing major shifts and transformation in our actionable life here on Earth. Oftentimes, with the celestial bodies being pushed into the shadows, we can expect fated events beyond our control.

Every six months or so, when we are visited by a lunar eclipse, since eclipses come in pairs, they are most often followed by a solar eclipse. Even more interesting, is that the zodiac signs they fall under also have a pattern. The solar and lunar eclipses occur with opposing signs, for two years at a time. This one will be a Taurus-Scorpio combination that will finish the cycle that started in June of 2020.

Different phases of solar and lunar eclipse . Vector .

During this time, the energy will affect each sign differently.


The lunar eclipse will have your mind on your finances, pushing you to explore how to get the most from your resources. And the solar eclipse will push you past finances and deeper into the purpose of your life. You may feel a push to explore ventures you have pushed off for later in life, and you may feel driven to dive deeper into your soul.


Taurus, you are going to feel a need to prove yourself during the lunar cycle, and while it may be tempting to prove yourself to others, it may be best to settle the score with yourself. Additionally, the solar eclipse is going to have past family issues resurfacing, which may cause you to feel the need to focus on family during the holiday season.


The lunar eclipse is going to have you truly touching base with your inner-self. You may be feeling the urge to end bad habits and open yourself to better ones, or you may experience a fated event that truly puts you face to face with the parts of yourself that need work. The solar aspect of this cycle will have you dealing with your most intimate relationships, causing you to focus on what’s most important to you.


During the lunar eclipse period, you will likely feel pushed to find inspiration where you can. You may be feeling a bit emotionally drained, which will open your eyes and perspective to what life has to offer. During the solar eclipse, routines that are making you stagnant may no longer be tolerable to you, pushing you towards change.


Your career is going to be on your mind heavy, pushing you to grow in your current career or open your eyes to new opportunities. You may experience a major event that chooses you. When the solar eclipse comes our way, you may be feeling the need to express yourself in a new way, as your current means for expression may not be working the way they once were.


This lunar eclipse is going to have you feeling stir crazy, so you may be feeling the need to venture outside of your comfort zone. Embrace that, and if you can, travel. The solar eclipse, on the other hand, will push you to focus on your family and your ancestry.


While you often tend to either go one way or the other, in an extreme manner, this lunar eclipse is going to be pushing you towards the middle ground. The solar eclipse is going to push your focus towards your communication and the way you look, which may have you feeling a bit self-conscious.


During the lunar cycle, you are likely going to be feeling tense, as the eclipse is in opposition to you. However, this tension may be just the push you need to finally focus on what’s most important and stop battling with yourself so much. The solar eclipse, on the other hand, is going to push you towards practicality in the use of your resources, which may be pushing your focus on how you spend and use the resources at your disposal.


Usually, you are all about adventure, but eclipses aren’t usual. During this one, you are going to be feeling the need to withdraw and spend time at home and with family. For once, the adventure will not be calling your name. During the solar eclipse, you are going to be faced with what’s blocking you from coming to terms with yourself, which may push some uncomfortable truths to the surface.


Your artistic and creative sides will be emerging majorly during the lunar eclipse, inspiring you for a possible side hustle. During the solar eclipse, you may be feeling a bit unlike yourself. In turn, you may be pushed to focus on self-care and mindfulness, to get to the bottom of things and come to terms with yourself.


Your home life is going to end up a bit out of whack during this time, pushing you to connect outside of the home. During the solar eclipse, however, you are going to be expanding your world, when it comes to relationships and connections, which may cause you to try to seek new company to keep.


Your mind is going to be in overdrive during the lunar eclipse, making it hard to focus. In turn, you may have to retreat to the quiet to clear your mind. During the solar eclipse, you will feel a push to work on how others perceive you. You will likely be feeling a bit self-conscious, especially when it comes to your career. It’s important to focus on what is making you feel this way to get to the bottom of it.