While we are told time and time again that if we put positivity out into the world we will get positivity back in return, how does that kind of thing work? How does the universe push back in such a manner or does it even do-so at all?

Well, things in that regard are pretty complicated and not easy to explain so, bear with us. One of the things many people seem to refer to when it comes to this kind of thing is the magnetic field of our planet itself. Sure, that might sound a bit crazy but when you break things down, they make a lot of sense.

This planet we call home (Earth) has a magnetic field that extends from its interior out into space. This magnetic field interacts with everything. Whether it’s particles from the Sun or just the people on the planet in general, everything interacts with this magnetic field in its own way.

Now, the GCI or Global Coherence Initiative is something that seeks to use the magnetic field to our advantage by highlighting and working through the connection it has with humanity. Basically they are looking at how our health influences the world around us and vice versa. Science for quite some time has shown a serious link between our health and geomagnetic activity. So, based on the findings this group has worked with so far, being more heart-coherent and compassionate could benefit the energy fields of our planet as a whole.

Regarding how we as humans/living being influence the magnetic field and world around us Heart Math wrote as follows on their website:

GCI was established to help facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation, and enduring peace. A primary goal of GCI is to test the hypothesis that large numbers of people when in a heart-coherent state and holding a shared intention can encode information on the earth’s energetic and geomagnetic fields, which act as carrier waves of this physiologically patterned and relevant information. In order to conduct this research, a global network of 12 to 14 ultrasensitive magnetic field detectors specifically designed to measure the earth’s magnetic resonances is being installed strategically around the planet. More important is GCI’s primary goal to motivate as many people as possible to work together in a more coherent and collaborative manner to increase the collective human consciousness.

If we are persuaded that not only external fields of solar and cosmic origins but also human attention and emotion can directly affect the physical world and the mental and emotional states of others (consciousness), it broadens our view of what interconnectedness means and how it can be intentionally utilized to shape the future of the world we live in. It implies that our attitudes, emotions, and intentions matter and that coherent, cooperative intent can have positive effects.

GCI hypothesizes that when enough individuals and social groups increase their coherence baseline and utilize that increased coherence to intentionally create a more coherent standing reference wave in the global field, it will help increase global consciousness. This can be achieved when an increasing number of people move towards more balanced and self-regulated emotions and responses. This, in turn, can help facilitate cooperation and collaboration in innovative problem solving and intuitive discernment for addressing society’s significant social, environmental, and economic problems. In time, as more individuals stabilize the global field and families, workplaces, and communities move to increased social coherence, it will lead to increased global coherence. This will be indicated by countries adopting a more coherent planetary view so that social and economic oppression, warfare, cultural intolerance, crime, and disregard for the environment can be addressed meaningfully and successfully.

This all might be a bit much to take in but research in regards is not necessarily lacking. The Earth’s magnetic fields are carriers of biologically relevant information and very connected to each and every one one of us. When you look at the state of humanity and then compare that to the state of the world itself, things really do appear to be linked up. While research still needs to continue and the future is something we are not sure of, the connection is not something we can deny.

The magnetic field around us has been known to influence us in many ways. Some people cannot sleep when things are out of whack and many have noted a lack of energy. Perhaps working from a more coherent planetary view might benefit us all. We are what we feed into this world and the more positive that is, the better.

This interconnectedness might be a bit sensitive for some but the deeper you dive into this topic the more mind-blowing it becomes. How do you feel about this concept? For more information please feel free to check out the video below.

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