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The lunar nodes, for those who do not know, are points between the Sun and the Moon. These are very important in the world of astrology and can make or break how our star signs react to the changes in the sky.

The lunar nodes have recently moved out of Leo and Aquarius and into Cancer and Capricorn. This means a lot for you and I both. While they are not planets, in the world of astrology they are treated as if they are. As you might assume there are two lunar nodes, a North and a South.

These nodes often bring unpredictable events and lessons for us all. While we don’t usually pay much attention to them, we should. As these nodes settle into their new placements, for the time being, we will all begin to see changes in our lives. These lunar nodes will not be changing again for quite some time so you might as well get used to the energies before you.

We will be gaining Cancer energies as well as Capricorn energies, which surprisingly work quite well together. Cancer is very emotional, spiritual, and sensitive, whereas Capricorn is more so disciplined, committed, and goal-oriented. While they do conflict on some levels overall they will be getting along in a positive manner.

Having the lunar nodes in these signs will push us all to make things happen for ourselves. While we might be a bit emotional, we will be more willing to work hard and get things done. We will be thinking about one another and helping to build the lives we want. I guess you could say that we will all be more focused than we normally would.

If you notice yourself down in the dumps perhaps you aren’t heading in the right direction. Sometimes we end up stuck in a rut and now is the time to move out of that rut. Capricorn energies will give you the courage you need to climb out of that situation and figure out where you truly want to be. You are about to begin a journey like one you’ve never faced before, so buckle up.

What do you think about all of this? While it is a bit scary, you should not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. This is a time of great power and you are going to be doing so much more than you think.

Image via Astro Signs