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Our dreams are very important, whether we dream every single night or just on occasion these things are not to be looked over. When it comes to the time we spend asleep, messages can come from some pretty unexpected places. 

Diving into your own dreams and what they mean or reveal about you as a person can really help you get to know yourself and help you better understand the things you’re dealing with as a whole. Whether it’s something that freaks you out or something that brings a smile to your face, reading between the lines in the dream world can be important. 

While you will find tons of websites online about how to break down the meanings of different things within your dreams, most of the definitions given won’t resonate with you as well as you feel they should. This is because you on a personal level are missing something. Your dreams are very personal, and they’re not something that just anyone can break down for you. 

Really looking at the emotions the different things within your dreams evoke and from there writing things out until you’ve come to your own conclusions in my opinion is the best and easiest way to really getting to the root of the messages before you. Rather than looking at things others associate with the things in your dreams, look at what you associate with them above all else. 

You could be getting messages from the other side through your dreams and so if something reminds you of a deceased loved one, that in itself is something only you can really figure out for yourself. Tapping into your deep consciousness can help in this area but things like this are never as simple as they sound. You must be open and honest with yourself if you want to figure out what is going on in your mind while you’re fast asleep. 

Loner Wolf wrote as follows going over this kind of thing:

Since birth, we have been conditioned to listen to everyone but ourselves. We have been heavily indoctrinated into the belief that “any true and worthy answer” comes from without ourselves – from figures of authority, from religion, from educational institutions, and from family members. We are taught not only to second-guess our thoughts, judgments, and intuitions but to completely ignore and discount them.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that when it comes to understanding the meaning of our dreams, we immediately scour the outer world for answers, believing deep down that our answers aren’t truly trustworthy, satisfying, or worthwhile enough. Strangely, this seems to be the norm.

And while it can help to consult websites, books, forums, and even other people for guidance and assistance, we seem to harbor a very imbalanced perspective towards understanding the meaning of our dreams that prevents us from truly learning from them.

While there are some widely accepted interpretations for the different objects, people and occurrences in our dreams (which shouldn’t be completely discredited), our dreams are highly personal in nature meaning that only really we can understand their true meanings and messages.

To really get to the root of the hidden meanings and things of that nature locked within your dreams, you need to be willing to learn the lessons before you and think through what lessons might be right before your very eyes. For this kind of thing, you must be open-minded and willing to really explore the unknown. I know, it might sound confusing but deep down you on some level already know what your dreams mean, you just have to find that part of yourself and let it shine.