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Mosquitoes are going to be flocking to us regardless of where we are once the warmer months kick in and if you want to try and keep some of them at bay perhaps you should choose the plants you place in your yard wisely. Sure, you could plant some that would deter them from your yard but you shouldn’t stop there.

Since dragonflies eat mosquitoes technically having them around would be a marvelous thing, right? Plus, they’re quite beautiful and fun to watch. A single dragonfly can eat anywhere from 30 to several hundred mosquitoes in a day according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Actually, hundreds of them gather in swarms and go off to sometimes feed or migrate. These little creatures are very special and never cease to amaze. With over 5 thousand species known these little guys shouldn’t be too hard to attract to your yard during periods when those pesky mosquitoes are ruining everyone’s fun.

Now, when it comes to plants there are a couple of different ones you could go with to attract but water above all else does the trick. So, if you have some kind of small pond chances are you already see these beauties quite frequently. You’ll want water lilies if possible and of course grassy foliage as well as proper rocky areas to make for the best environment for these dragonflies. Having all of those things will give them what they need within reason to reproduce and create more dragonflies to protect you from those pesky bloodsuckers.

Now, according to Home Guides, some other flowers that might work well to attract dragonflies are things like black-eyed Susan’s, Joe Pye weed, and swamp milkweed. Black-eyed Susan’s are also known for attracting butterflies so with them around not only will you be protecting yourself a bit better but you will also be offered the chance to spot some pretty mind-blowing butterflies. Considering how easy they are above the rest to grow, you shouldn’t have much if any issue there.

For more information on dragonflies and why you should want them around check out the video below. Sure, they might look a bit odd, but they’re important. They will do so much more good for you than you might realize.

These little guys are very special and when we create the right environment for them they flourish. Not only will they make it a lot easier to get outside and have some fun, but they will also allow you to see some of the most interesting beings a lot more closely. Gardening is something many of us do during the summer months anyway, what would a few more plants bother?