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While Mercury has been in Pisces for a little while now, these energies are about to shift once again. Mercury won’t be in Pisces for much longer and with the coming changes, we are about to get a serious blast of something special.

On March 4th Mercury will be entering Aquarius but until then it’s time in Pisces is not quite done. As of the 25th, the sun was conjunct Mercury but on the 26th something deeper is going to occur (that being Mercury sextile Mars.) Both of these things will hold power for each of us moving forth and while you might not see it just yet, their influence is going to have an impact on the days going forward into the beginning of March. 

The Sun conjunct Mercury brings forth a deeper sense of communication which you could say we’ve been needing considering the retrograde. That being said, we need to work to keep ourselves focused as we can become quite distracted during the weeks following this kind of event. These energies will begin to die down a lot with the passing of time, they could hold influence well into May. 

We will be able to express ourselves more in the coming days and find ways to step out of our comfort zones big time. This allowing us more freedom than we might particularly be used to. Don’t squash your curiosity, feed into it while you’ve been given the chance.

With Mercury sextile Mars things might get a bit tricky. We’re going to be offered a much more fight-oriented spirit during this time period and given more drive to get things done. While we are all people who love to remain busy, being busy and being productive are two very distinct things.

There are lots of transits happening as the end of Mercury in Pisces happens and all of these energies are going to meld together to make something quite powerful. Don’t ignore these energies but instead be sure you’re embracing them for what they are and allowing them to flow through you freely. We might be diving into some emotions we have not dived into in quite some time but all the things we are facing we will be facing for a reason.

For more information on what to expect in the coming weeks please feel free to check out the video below, it will cover the ending of the retrograde we’ve been facing and more. What do you think about these energies? I for one think through it all, clarity will reach each and every one of us when we are ready.

This is going to be a very interesting experience for each of us but it’s going to help us grow in so many ways. Mercury is a planet full of mystery. Are you ready for what could be to come?