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While it might suck being lonely and unable to find someone you truly mesh with, don’t let people pressure you into lowering your standards. You don’t have to be in a relationship right now and in time the right person will come your way.

There is no point in settling for someone who doesn’t make you feel the way you want to feel or who isn’t on the same page as you. You know in your heart what you want in life and in love, accepting less than that isn’t going to do anything but leave you feeling disappointed. It might suck for a while and you might not like having to be on your own but once all is said and done, things will work out.

The more we settle in life and in love the more unhappy we will become. You might not see it now but a few years down the road, you will now exactly what I mean. Time is something that we have a good bit of and you should be working to achieve all you can while you can. Once the right person comes forth and really steps up properly, you will be able to tell you’ve found the one.

There will be people who push you to find someone to be with and settle down but those people are not the ones who have to live with the decisions you make. You are the person who has to sleep next to whoever you end up with at night and the person who has to deal with the baggage that may come with them. Your standards are set as they are for a reason and you do not deserve anything less than what you know you need.

While it might feel hard to find someone who will be on your level, someone who will help you chase your dreams and support you through all the things that life throws your way, if you grow you will someday be right before that very person. Don’t let the need to feel loved make you call up your ex or give into someone who has been hurtful to you in the past.

Use the time before you to embrace the single life and make the most of every day. You will be in love and head over heels before you know it, rushing things is only a waste of time. Don’t force the pieces to fit if they’re not even from the same puzzle.