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All too often we hear the phrase ‘let him go if he’s meant to be with you he will come back’ and honestly, that phrase in all the ways it comes is complete bull. When it comes to love is someone really cared about you properly, they wouldn’t be leaving in the first place.

Someone who loves you properly and really wants to see you grow isn’t going to abandon you when times get rough or date someone else just because he feels like it. He’s going to stick by your side and help you become the person you were always meant to be. He will respect you and care for you in all the ways that prove his feelings towards you are real.

Someone who actually gives a sh!t about you isn’t going to run from you every time you start getting close. The person who is really worth your time will stick around when no one else will. He will be there through the thick and the thin, you won’t ever have to question whether or not he’s there for the right reasons.

He will be there when you have everything you could ever dream of and when you’re both struggling to get by. Honestly, I am not sure why anyone would want to take back a man who left them at their worst points and decided to try to weasel his way back in once things played out well. If he wasn’t there to help you through it, he doesn’t deserve to bathe in all that you have to offer now, period.

Men will many times over in this life make you think they’re going to be there for you properly and then let you down, that’s just how this world works. You being aware of what you want and what you will not tolerate will help with this tremendously. The people who prove to you that they’re not in this for the long-haul don’t deserve your time or efforts. Let them walk away but don’t give them a chance to come back.

There is no point in fighting for someone who is already halfway out the door and there is no sense in reopening the wounds they left by letting them come back into your life at a later point. If they were meant to be with you, they would just be with you. There wouldn’t be any flying off and coming back or playing around with other people to see what he likes best.

Someday the man who left you will realize that you were the best he ever had and the best he will ever find, and he will try to come back into your life but you need to remain strong and keep him away. He is no good for you and you deserve so much better.

The person who is meant to be by your side, will not be so hesitant to be there. He will show you day in and day out that you’re important to him. You will never have to question his intentions.