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We all deserve love and for some reason, a lot of us fall over and over again for people who refuse to care for us correctly. We let people use us and time after time we forget our worth.

Stop letting the person who treats you badly hold onto your heart. Your heart is not something the be given to such toxic people so freely. Give it to someone who will show you what it means to be loved properly, someone who will always be by your side.

Sure, even in the best relationships you will still face ups and downs but when you’re with someone who truly cares about you, things are different. You’re happier and able to truly flourish. Don’t be with someone who still makes you feel as if you’re all alone.

Fall for someone who is willing to sit down and talk through the issues before you instead of someone who closes off and refuses to admit when he or she is wrong. When life is at its worst, you deserve to have someone near who will be your shoulder to cry on, who will help you get back up when you’ve fallen.

Life is short and we should not be wasting our time on people who aren’t going to stick around or people who just want to be in our lives to use us. I know, it might not be as easy as it sounds but you are more than capable if you believe in yourself and you know your worth.

When someone close to you shows their true colors, stop giving them chance after chance, take things as they are, and move on if that’s what is needed. I know, it can be scary to be alone for a bit while you’re figuring things out but sometimes that’s our best option. When you find someone who really loves you, all of that time you spent alone will have been worth it, I promise you that.

Fall for someone who makes you feel like you’re at home every time they’re around, no matter where you are. Someone who doesn’t care where you came from or what your past consists of. Someone who will not judge you for who you have been but instead embraces you for who you are right now in this moment.

Your lover should be someone you can tell anything to. Someone who is going to help you grow and who wants to grow with you. This person will help you to build a life with them that you can be proud of. They are out there somewhere, whether you’ve already met them or not you will find them someday.

This world is full of people who will put on a smile and pretend to be your friend but you should be able to tell who has good intentions and who doesn’t at the end of the day. People’s actions speak far louder than their words. Keeping that in mind you should be capable of finding the love you crave when you are ready.

Instead of being so willing to let people in who do not deserve your time, make people earn your trust and from there fall for someone who will not jump ship when times get hard. You are not a toy to be played with and your heart deserves a love that will last a lifetime.