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Coming up on the 7th we will all be given the chance to see 2020’s last supermoon. While there have been several so far. this one will be the last until next year.

This supermoon will be a reminder to us all to slow down and allow nature to heal us from time to time and honestly, we should all be taking the time to view it. Now, for those who do not know, supermoons are an interesting phenomenon that happens from time to time. 

Supermoons are basically something that occurs when the new full ot new moon phase itself goes hand in hand with the moon’s closest point to Earth during its monthly orbiting time. When we have a supermoon the moon appears to be much brighter and larger because it is a bit closer to us than we are used to on any given day.

Forbes wrote as follows on the topic of viewing this interesting celestial event:

The best time to see any full Moon, and particularly a supermoon, is when it’s close to the horizon. Firstly, your brain make the Moon seem bigger because it’s rising between buildings/trees/mountains/landmarks. Secondly, you’ll be looking at the Moon through the thickest part of Earth’s atmosphere, so rather than the bright, white orb it appears as when it’s high in the sky, it will appear to be a deep orange color (when rising or setting) and an entrancing pale yellow color (when just above the horizon). Just the Sun a sunset. 

You really don’t need anything apart from good timing and a reasonably high observing location (a second-floor window is fine) to see the rise of the “Super Flower Moon.” Here’s how to get organised: 

Find out the exact times of moonset and moonrise on May 7, 2020 where you are

Look west for a setting full Moon around the time of sunrise

Look east for a rising full Moon around the time of sunset

This will be the last supermoon until April 2020 so if you’re wanting to catch a glimpse you should definitely keep your eyes peeled. Things like this might not sound like a lot but they are truly beautiful in all possible ways. The sky is always doing something amazing.

To learn more about this month’s full moon and some of the other things May has to offer stargazers take a peek at the video below. Supermoons are not something we see every month and we should take the time to appreciate them when we can. The moon in itself is quite an interesting thing.