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While you might be tempted time after time to go out and get revenge on those who hurt you in the end it’s not the right thing to do. As time passes those people and their wrongdoings will catch up and become as one, don’t be too concerned.

Karma is something that always works in the end even if you’re unable to see it. The Universe in this sense always has your back even when you refuse to have your own. When you do something good that deed doesn’t go as unnoticed as you might think, your karmic energies change during those times and once all is said and done that has influence over us. 

Moving on and refusing to allow those who hurt us to gain power over our lives is something we must all do if we want to find our own true inner strength. Without facing the issues and pains at hand you cannot truly find yourself or become the best version of yourself you were always meant to be. I know, that might sound a bit odd but it’s something to think about.

Through getting revenge and holding grudges we are not able to grow and growth is extremely important in this world and in these current times. We create the environment we want the most and if you want to be happy and radiate positivity you have to make steps towards that above all else. Feed into the connections that matter and move on from those that do not. 

While we are all connected and we all must deal with the consequences to our actions we don’t have to beat ourselves up over things that are out of our control. Sometimes simply walking away is more than enough to get your point across and knowing in your heart that karma is going to be doing what needs to be done should be a good way to remain reassured.

Karmic energies are always in place and what we give off in this world is what we gain in return. If you do good then good will return to you when things are as they should be. However, if you do bad things then as time passes those bad things will catch up to you. Above all else we should be working to treat others as we would want to be treated and if they hurt us we should not give them the satisfaction of holding any kind of grudge against them.

Things are not always what they seem don’t forget that. What might hurt you in the moment makes you stronger in the end. As human beings we are always growing and adapting. Sometimes the people around us are placed here to do the things they do for specific reasons. This universe works in some pretty mysterious ways.