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There are two types of men in this world, the ones who will stick with you through everything, and those that will leave you and come back, lather, rinse, repeat. And while it may be tempting to romanticize the fact that a man leaves and then decides to come back, I promise you it’s better not to.

Some men, no matter what you do for them, no matter how great the sex is, and no matter how aligned you may believe yourselves to be, will never be happy. They will always search for greener grass, and in turn, they will leave you. Later on, when they “realize” they made a mistake and try to return, it can be hard to know what to do.

You may feel like they made a mistake, and now they are choosing you. But the thing is, if they chose you, they never would have left to begin with.

Other men are geared differently. They are loyal and when they find something in you that they love, something that they cherish, no matter what happens between you, they continue to work on and build a better relationship.

Good relationships aren’t found, they are made, and a loyal man knows that. He knows that as long as you are treating him right and the connection makes sense, that there is no need to look elsewhere.

Whereas the other guy is always going to leave. In the brief moment things get dull or lackluster, he’s going to say that it isn’t working, and then he’s going to go pick up the cute blonde that served him his beer at the bar last Tuesday. And when things don’t pan out, he’s going to be right back in your inbox, begging you to come back.

And no matter how you frame it, that is NOT a romance. His grand return doesn’t mean that he loves you, or that he had some beautiful epiphany. It means he went out and had a taste of the world, and returned to his comfort zone until he gets stir crazy again.

If you let him keep coming back, you are only enabling him to treat you like a menu item, instead of a human being.

The other type of man knows that unconditional love is what a true relationship is made of. He knows there will be ups and downs, and that sometimes, the spark will go out for a brief moment. He knows it is up to the two of you to reignite that spark by continually feeding it and nourishing it. And it is only with this type of man that you will ever find a happy future.

The flighty guy, the adventure seeker, the one who leaves, and comes back and then leaves again, he will almost 100% be guaranteed to stay that way forever. And eventually, he’s going to leave you hanging for good, to go be someone else’s flight risk. And I promise you, he is not worth the trouble.

So don’t choose the man who comes back – choose the one who never leaves.