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While love is an amazing thing, sometimes it makes people a little nuts. Sure, we’ve heard the phrase ‘love makes us crazy’ a lot throughout the years but it’s actually more true than most want to admit. 

Love can honestly be a bit scary depending on how someone takes things. For some people they get too into their relationships to the point where they become anxious and freak out when they’re not with their partner or their partner isn’t responding right away. Attachment issues are far too common when it comes to love, to be honest. I actually can say, I’ve been in situations like this myself. 

When you are dating someone that you think you love, if you let your emotions take hold of you then you might end up doing some very unlike you things. This kind of ‘crazy’ can honestly be dangerous to our mental health and our relationships overall. The person you’re so into isn’t going to stick around if you’re flying off the handle over them not replying quick enough. 

Psychology Today wrote as follows on this topic:

So if this kind of “crazy” is so uncomfortable and unproductive, why do people go there? The answer is simple: Because they’re scared. When you’re scared, it’s hard to calm down and be thoughtful in a way that allows you to see a relationship in a more complex, nuanced, and realistic way.

When you’re scared and you ask yourself, “Does he [or she] like me?” it’s easier to rush to the assumption “He doesn’t like me!” than it is to find the more realistic, thoughtful answer—which is often, frankly, “I don’t know how he feels about me. I’ll have to wait and see.”

In my experience, people have a really hard time dealing with that “I don’t know” place. But here’s the thing: Sometimes it’s the only place you can be.

It might be too early in the relationship for certainty. The other person—and probably you, too, if you’re honest with yourself—just doesn’t have all the information required for certainty about whether a relationship will work.

So rather than rushing to assumptions and impulsively reacting to those assumptions, try and ask yourself to build up a muscle for “I don’t know.” Sit with it, try not to be overwhelmed by panic, and try to remember: You’ll be fine no matter what. 

When we are in love our brains change. According to Daily Mail, the frontal cortex which is vital for judgment shuts down in some ways and this shows that we’re not as able to make decisions and act rationally as we should be able to depending on the situation. The more passionate you are about this person the more intense things could end up becoming. We do things without thinking them through properly when in love and that in a lot of ways makes us crazy. To learn more on this topic take a look at the video below.