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As we move forth we all know what is coming, flu season. With that, some are heading out to get their flu shot, and well, not everyone thinks doing that right now is the best idea.

According to WBRZ, right now jumping to get your flu shot should not necessarily be something you’re doing. While doctors do still want you to get it, waiting a few weeks and perhaps getting it mid-October might be more ideal. Sure, some people can’t wait that long, and well, that’s fine but if you can wait perhaps you should consider doing exactly that.

Waiting a bit in this sense will help assure those who do get it that they will be getting proper ‘protection to go through the entire influenza season.’ WCPO when speaking to Dr. Roberto Colon noted that while the shot could be beneficial delaying it is also in this sense important. I know, some people refuse to get it at all but in the medical world it is something that people believe is one of the best ways to make sure you and those closest to you are safe, especially now that we’re stuck in the current pandemic.

WBRZ wrote as follows about all of this:

“We’re trying to prevent people from having two respiratory infections at the same time,” Baton Rouge General Family Medicine Dr. Rachael Kermis said.

Concerns about flu season are heightened with COVID-19. Kermis says it might be tempting to get that flu vaccine now, but this year it’s recommended that people wait until October if they can.

“Some places have started offering them now in September, but ideally we want you to kind of wait until October, because that way you get about six months of coverage with the flu shot,” she said.

Flu season starts anytime in the late fall, peaks in January or February, and sometimes continues into May. Kermis says by getting the flu shot in October, it extends coverage over when the peak of flu is happening.

“Already, COVID-19 has so many unknowns in how it attacks the body, but we know it hits the lungs pretty hard. And the flu hits the lungs hard as well. So to minimize the risk, we want to get those flu shots,” she said.

To learn more about all of this take a peek at the video below. Ultimately this is up to you but perhaps you should keep it in mind moving forward. What do you think about all of this?