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Sure, we all still have to venture out to the grocery store from time to time during this pandemic but how do we know that the food we’re bringing into our homes has not been compromised? Well, if you’re not already cleaning your groceries, perhaps you should be. 

According to a Michigan doctor by the name of Dr. Jeffrey Vanwingen we should when able to ‘quarantine’ our groceries for three days before bringing them inside. You can leave the things that don’t have to be refrigerated outside in the car or garage during that time and it will help keep you from being more exposed to any potentially dangerous bacteria that might be on them. He also says instead of walking around the grocery store picking things up and then putting them back down we should not touch anything we’re not already committed to buying. 

While the food itself isn’t going to give us the virus, the packaging could hold bacteria from someone else who touched it before you. For instance, if you happen to buy something that comes in a cardboard box, the virus can live on this box for at least 24 hours. He said in cases like that simply ditching the box is a good idea, after all, you only need what’s inside. 

He has posted a video covering all of this on his YouTube channel and it’s very informative if you have the time to watch. In his video, he goes over CDC data and we should be taking it seriously if we really want to reduce our risks of contracting and further spreading this disease. He will be updating his channel with more videos as this whole ordeal progresses and helping keep us all up to date on how to shop safely. 

While not everyone realizes how dangerous or risky it can be for us to go out and get the things we need, it is a reality that should be addressed. To see Dr. Vanwingen speak on this topic himself please check out the videos below. I know, you might not think things have gotten bad yet but the reality is that they have and they are bound to get worse before they get better. 

You need to do your part in keeping yourself and your family safe during these trying times. Don’t ignore the things before you. Safety should always be important to each and every one of us. Just because you’re not as at risk as others does not mean you should not be cautious.