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Have you ever noticed those orbs lingering on old photos? What do you think they are?

Depending on who you ask you will get tons of different answers. While lots of people will say they are just dust particles or mere drops of moisture on the lens, I believe they are something more. They are spheres of energy.

While most orbs will be white in color, they can be found in a variety of colors. These orbs are spirits from those passes and our guardians from above. These spirits are generally harmless and are only making themselves known in minuscule ways. Capturing orbs in your photos should not be something that brings about fear, it should make you feel better knowing those guiding you on your path are always by your side. Below you will find a list of meanings that go along with each different color orb you may see.

Clear or Transparent Orbs

These are the most common and simply mean that a spirit is trying to make itself known. When this happens you may even become overwhelmed with a specific emotion. Do not be alarmed, the spirit is just making sure you know it is there.

Purple Orbs

These orbs hold information. For those who do not know purple is a very spiritual color. When you see orbs of this color orb you need to really question things within.

Green Orbs

Green orbs represent healing and are generally associated with love and kindness. If you see this color orb you are on the right track. The spirit world is letting you know there are good things to come.

Yellow Orbs

These orbs should signify that you need to be cautious in life. Your angels are warning you of something to come. Be very aware.

White or Silver Orbs

These orbs are very positive in energy. They are offering you protection from negative things in your life. If you notice these kinds of orbs you might want to stop and thank your spirit guides for what they are working towards doing for you.

Black Orbs

Black orbs are a sign of danger. When you see these in photos you need to be cautious. The danger is much more imminent in this color.

Red Orbs

Red or orangeish red orbs represent safety. If you see these colored orbs you are where you need to be. From these you can draw great strength.

Have you ever seen a spirit orb before and if so what color was the one you saw? I see them quite frequently and mine are usually clear or white.

(Image Via: Quadronet_Webdesign/Pixabay)