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If you like sitting out by the fire roasting marshmallows how in the world would you not want something like this surrounding your fire pit? Not only is it seemingly cheap to make considering how expensive it is to have someone else do it, but it could prove to be a very rewarding experience as well.

Farm blogger Lauren Ashworth spent some of her time making this specific backyard Pergola for her family and it is truly marvelous. Working with Remodelaholic, Ashworth came up with a tutorial for making this interesting Pergola and even the fire pit within it. I for one wish I had mine already built because it would be more than handy right now. 

According to Remodelaholics, this project cost Ashworth and her family about 2,300 dollars and that included daily rental equipment fees and things of the sort. As you will see in the images below the hardest part was getting the frame as it should be. Once the frame was up building the small odds and ends were no hard feat and hanging the swings was relatively simple as well. 

You can either make your own swings or buy them already pre-made. While this will affect your price if you have the time making them yourself will leave you feeling even more empowered. While the Ashwood’s painted theirs you can leave yours unfinished or give it any kind of flare you see fit. 

To see a more in-depth look at this Pergola and how it was made click here. As long as you have a flat space to get things started making your Pergola won’t be too complicated. Have you ever made anything like this before or are you looking to do-so?

Keep in mind you can make things a bit different to fit your own needs if you want to. Below you will find videos of people who have made similar things but put their own twists to them so that they would fit their households better. Aren’t they amazing?