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Our color horoscopes give us insight into the world of our character. It is something that can reveal so much more than you would imagine if looked into properly.

While the world of colors might not mean much to most if you look into the planets behind each one and the stars assigned to them you can learn a lot about yourself. Through the color horoscopes you can figure out what you are facing now and what is to come.

I recently came across something known as the Color Oracle online and it really puts a lot into perspective. It is a test that unlike most ‘horoscope’ or personality tests gauges your mood and personality through rating different colors. You are first given a set of about 25 color swatches and asked to put the ones you like and dislike the most in order.

If you are really struggling to get to the root of things going on in your life in this moment, this ‘test’ is one you should take. In reality, it would be better referred to as color psychology when you really break things down. The creator of this Color Oracle runs the website and while the color oracle is free if you want a more in-depth reading you will have to pay for the PDF version.

The horoscope analysis and color psychology itself is described as follows in the website:

The color horoscope provides an insight into your character structures, describes your characteristics and needs and the various roles you play. It also describes emotional conflicts which can hinder your development into a free and happy person as long as they remain unconscious, as well as the possibilities available to you to defuse them. At times the text is somewhat confrontational in nature and is aimed at your making an active effort in dealing with your own personality.

This horoscope analysis is based on a system of interpretation developed by the Swiss art instructor and astrologer Johannes Schneider. The planets are ranked according to their zodiacal sign, the house they reside in and the aspects between them. This ranking yields a planet profile and a typical basic structure. Each heavenly body is associated with a particular color in accordance with the Astro-Color-System® developed by the author. In this way the ranking of the planets can also be represented as a series of twelve colors.

Before giving the oracle a try for myself I was not very skeptical but after actually following through properly I can say it is quite accurate. The Oracle told me that at the present time I am in need of inner peace and that is beyond true. It said that some of the most important things to me right now were stability and solutions which again were true.

To check out the Color Oracle yourself please feel free to click here. What does it have to say for you? Were you pleased with your results? To learn more about the psychology behind colors and how they can reveal so much check out the video below.

Featured video via Leonid Livingstone