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When it comes to numerology people tend to assume that it cannot be applied as easily as other things because it revolves around numbers but everything has a number making it quite simple, to be honest. You can use numerology to uncover so many things about yourself and your path in this world.

Now, when it comes to uncovering the things locked behind your name and decoding your name itself you have to be willing to break your name down. Each letter in the alphabet has a corresponding number and those are the numbers we will be working with. Sure, this might sound a bit complicated but I assure you, it isn’t.

Below I am going to go over the steps that you can and should take to discover your truths. Really coming to understand what your name has to say about you and your life will help you to align more properly with your truest form. How much will you end up coming to terms with?

5 Steps To Discovering The Truths Behind Your Name Using Numerology:

Step 1: Break Your Name Down Into Numbers

The letters of the alphabet and their corresponding numbers are broken down as follows:

1 = a, j, s,

2 = b, k, t,

3 = c, l, u,

4 = d, m, v,

5 = e, n, w,

6 = f, o, x,

7 = g, p, y,

8 = h, q, z,

Using this as a key figure out what numbers make up your name. You can do just your first name or your whole name, whichever works best for you. If you choose to do your full name keep in mind at the end of all of this you will need to simplify and break things down into three ultimate life numbers for yourself.

Step 2: Begin With The Cornerstone

Now, the cornerstone is going to be the very first letter of your name and the number that it falls under. Look this number up in regards to numerology and see what you learn. This number holds all of the things that make up how you move forth in life. This number knows all about how you face challenges and opportunities as they present themselves.

Step 3: Move Onto The Capstone

After you’ve looked into the cornerstone it’s time to look at the capstone. This is the last letter of your name. This letter will hold a number with it that shows us how you see the world around you and how you present yourself. 

Step 4: Face The First Vowel

From here you need to go back and see what your first vowel is and which number goes with it. This number will be the one that shows us what your goals are and where you’re headed in life. A lot of people find that this area of their lives is quite hard to come to terms with.

Step 5: Now Address The Rest

From here look into the rest of the numbers and take them as you feel you should. If you have done your complete name simplify things and then look into the specific rounded down numbers you find as well. While numerology can be confusing it can reveal a lot more than most would ever expect.