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While the New Year may provide us with the feeling of a blank canvas, with that can follow a strong feeling of confusion. We may not know where to start, or what is going to happen in the coming year, so thankfully the stars can provide us with at least a good bit of knowledge on how to move forward.

The things 2019 is going to bring for you and to you might not be things you’d expect, but they will all push you towards where you need to be and help you become who the universe knows you can become. Looking to the stars can seriously give you a good insight on what the future holds but you shouldn’t obsess over the unknown. Below I am going to go over some things you should be looking forward to in the months to come. While some of these things will be a bit frustrating they all will be happening for a reason.


This year is not going to slow you down any. You’re going to be moving ahead at a quick pace and really holding your own. This year is going to be one full of achievements for you and the harder you work the more prominent your success will be.


This year is going to have you feeling quite out of place. You’re going to be taken out of your comfort zone and forced to really take a look at things from an outside perspective. During this year, you really need to remember how important it is to just hold space for yourself.


This year is going to be the year you will not forget. You’re finally going to be able to get out of debt and get a lot of things done you’ve been putting off. Allow your inner voice to speak to you and do not ignore it. Things are about to seriously get shaken up in some of the most amazing ways.


This year you are finally going to be taking control of your life. You’re going to be making up for all the bad experiences you had in 2018 and putting your best foot forward. Chances are you will be taking a serious social media break for a little while and getting your thought together before moving forward. You have a lot on your mind.


This year is going to be one that makes you feel ‘different.’ You’re not going to be hiding your true self anymore and you’re going to be more willing to break free from the status quo. While you are a natural born leader in the past few months you’ve been ignoring the spotlight and working on other things. Now is time for you to regain your throne, everyone is waiting.


This year you’re going to be searching within to figure out where you belong. While you’ve been in the same place for a while now you just don’t feel at home. Something has to change and while you’re not sure what just yet in a couple months everything will begin to make sense. Moving forward is inevitable.


This year you’re going to be finding the people that will be able to help you better yourself. While in the past you’ve sadly surrounded yourself with too many toxic individuals, this year will not be like that. You’re going to be finding connections that will actually serve you for once.


This year you’re going to be finding your passion and really chasing your dreams. For some reason, you’ve been working really hard at things that do not really matter to you. This is something you will be putting an end to very soon.


You’re about to change course again. While you think you’re with the person you’re going to be with forever you’re getting bored and with good reason. This should serve as a learning experience for you and teach you that when you ruin things, you end up being the one in the dark.


This year is going to have you finally looking forward to what could be to come and being more open-minded than ever. You’re about to be centered in all the right ways and letting go of the things that have been bothering you. The weight of the world is not yours to carry alone.


This year you are going to finally start playing by the rules. You’re going to let other people have the chances they deserve and really letting things play out without cheating. Perhaps you get further this way than you thought you would.


This year you are going to be finding love in someone you might have never expected. There is a lot to come that you might not be aware of. While this will be a bumpy ride, it will be one worth holding onto.

Image via Express