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Being a mother is a very unique job and unless you’ve done it, you just won’t understand. And while much of it can be stressful, we all deserve a little laugh now and again.

Perhaps one of the most stress-relieving things in the world is to let out a little chuckle. Even better, it’s nice to have someone or even a group of random people on the internet who can relate to you. If that’s you, I am right there with you. Artist Anastasiya created the following comics digitally that show the ups and downs of motherhood. No matter where you come from or what your beliefs are, if you are a mother, then these comics are going to speak directly to you.

1. During Labor Versus After Labor

2. Pregnant hair versus post-partum hair.


3. Exercising with a baby.


4. Reality versus Instagram.


5. That toddler rage though.


6. When they get too quiet, you know something isn’t right.


7. Transportation before and after the baby.


8. Ouch.


9. So much heavier than they look!


10. Going anywhere with a baby is hard work.