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With the lunar eclipse under our belt, we move on into December, where a new moon in Sagittarius and Solar eclipse await. Since new moons are all about new beginnings and eclipses bring fated transformation- it’s going to be intense.

Each moon cycle has a new moon and a full moon. New moons are new beginnings and fresh starts, and the full moon helps us to manifest the intentions we set and focused on during the new moon. Adding additional energy is the sign the moon falls under, and this particular sign is coming to us under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is all about change, adventure, motivation, and speaking your mind. It’s also about expansion.

And happening on the same day as the new moon (December 4th) is the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you won’t likely get a good view of the eclipse, but you are going to be feeling its effects regardless.

Traditionally, eclipses come in pairs, one lunar and one solar. Each eclipse can additionally be paired to the previous cycle, and the lunar cycles close each other, as well as the solar eclipses closing each other. The last solar eclipse took place in June 2020 in Sagittarius. If you look back to that time, you can see themes in your life then that are relevant to now, and it should offer additional insights into the transformations to come.

Eclipses are all about fated transformation- so they bring changes that may seem a bit chaotic now, but ultimately work as part of your path as a lesson to help you grow. If you were wondering how this energy is going to affect your sign, then check out the list below.


This event is going to affect your house of adventure. You may be feeling pushed to take chances and try something new, so whatever is holding you back from doing so, is standing in your way of growth. Push past your boundaries for the changes to come.


For you, your emotional needs are going to be moving to the forefront. In your intimate and familial relationships, you may be feeling neglected or as though your needs aren’t being met. This transit will push you to stand up for yourself and let your voice be heard.


During this time, you are going to be feeling a need to find balance and restoration in the area of partnerships. Regardless of whether it’s business or personal, this is the major area of focus for you. And finding balance is going to be key.


Since this transit will fall in your house of wellness, it’s time to focus on your wellness routine. If you’ve been feeling stagnant or inconsistent, it’s time to shift things around and bring yourself back to the basics. If you’ve been letting your wellness fall to the wayside, now is the time to refocus.


The new moon and eclipse are both landing in your house of romance and self-expression, so it’s time to reconnect with your creative outlet to find inspiration. Even if that means venturing out to look for inspiration, do it, it’s much needed.


Right now, your main focus should be on finding stability and cleansing yourself, and healing from past wounds. It might be hard, but you’ve been pushing difficult feelings to the side and pushing yourself too hard. If you don’t start trying to work on self-care, this transit is all about letting go or being pushed, so it likely will happen on its own.


Since this is happening in your house of communication, you may find some old resentments being stirred up, or end up miscommunicating your truth to the people you care about. Be careful with the words you choose and how you choose to let your voice be heard, saying the wrong thing right now could prove to make things difficult.


Falling in your house of income, you may be truly honing in on how to make your income stretch or how to bring in more income to the table. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.


Usually, you are flighty and seek adventure, but this transit will have you withdrawing and focusing on your home life. Trust that feeling and find your grounding.


Your spiritual practice is going to be on your mind hard. You may be having intense dreams, or simply feeling the need to listen to your gut. Honor that feeling.


As this transit is working in your house of networking, you are going to be feeling the urge to reach out and get connected. Try mingling with friends and family, or try thinking outside of the box to meet new people, in your work and personal life, it will do you some good.


Your career is going to be on your mind during this transit. Regardless of whether you are reaching for a promotion, or thinking of swapping jobs, it’s time to focus on how you can bring meaningful change to your career path.