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As we move through the last bit of November, we’re about to face December. December might be a positive month overall but it is going to catch some of us off guard. 

The first few days of December will start off slow and the energies will be low but as things pick up around the 11th, we will be noticing tensions rising. I think this has a lot to do with the Sun being Trine Mars on the 11th and that for some of us is exactly what we’ve been needing. It will bring out our most confident side and push us to say the things we may otherwise be afraid to say. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on this celestial event and what it may bring:

Transiting Sun trine Mars gives a boost to self-confidence and enthusiasm making this an ideal time to start new projects. You should be feeling strong and courageous and can use your initiative to get the ball rolling and tackle difficult tasks. This is a good time to impress someone, especially a superior at work or someone special in your private life.

Increased se* drive is matched by increased charisma and magnetic charm. The sexy confidence you ooze is especially attractive so you should have little trouble having your most passionate desires fulfilled.

You are able to understand what is motivating you at this time due to a conscious awareness of your primal desires. You will feel a strong urge to take action under this transit and should go with your instincts. This is a winning transit.

While that might sound a bit odd, it is important to face. This kind of thing will help us grow in big ways and from there we will be facing a Solar Eclipse on the 14th and that, well that’s going to be turning us upside down. This ordeal is going to be more confusing than you might have ever thought it would be and well, you’re going to be facing deceptive people in ways you can’t quite handle at first glance.

While that is in itself the most intense thing to come in December, there are other small things that might cause us to be emotionally on edge. For instance Venus sextile Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Saturn. However, the month is going to go over quite well for most of us and the more we use our energies properly the more progress we will make. 

This interesting month ends with a full moon on the 29th and that for me is going to bring the whole month to a new level. I know, things are going to be intense, but they’re going to help us be more true to who we are. I for one, think this month will be putting 2020 to an end on a good note.