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As we move through the last month of December a lot of people are wondering just what it is they’re in for. I know, 2020 has been insane but things are finally looking a bit better.

December is the 12th month of the year 2020, this when broken down in the world of numerology gives us the number 34 and from there we can further break that down into the number 7. This meaning the month we’re currently facing holds a lot of power and energy that the number 7 brings. While that might not sound like much to some, the number 7 is one we should be thankful for.

You can break it down a few different ways but I chose to break it down as 12+2+0+20=34 and from there 2+4=7. Now, for those who do not know the number 7 is one that represents our inner need to find meaning. It shows us that there is more to us than just what we see at the surface. This number is all about soul-searching and working within to figure out what connections need more work.

It is a number that pushes us to express ourselves more and really helps us to figure out where we want to go in life. Honestly, the perfect number for this month. It might be a bit simple but it will work wonders for most of us. wrote as follows about the number 7 and its energies:

The number 7 is both deep and wise. It is not satisfied with simple explanations and surface-level information — this is frivolous stuff. It knows that the real gold is buried deeper and won’t stop until it finds it … and then it’ll keep digging for more. Asking questions, researching, listening, and sensing are all special skills the 7 uses in its search for awareness.

Though spirituality is especially important to the number 7 in Numerology, it takes a more intellectual approach to life than an emotional one. It is an analytical number that enjoys gathering and filtering through information to find answers. Still, it has a more powerful intuition than you might expect which it uses as a guide. This combination of conscious and subconscious thinking allows the mind of the Numerology number 7 to shine a light into the very deepest realms to access hidden truths.

This number is very strong and is a good one to have on your side. While we move forth in our lives it will help us tremendously. The more we allow it to work for us in our day-to-day lives the more progress we will end up making. This meaning it sets the best possible mood for the up and coming year we will soon face.