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As we get closer to the night of the new moon, we’re really feeling things tense up. This moon might be a positive one but the things going on in the celestial world during it are going to be throwing it off big time. 

For those who might not know this moon is going to be in Sagittarius which makes us all a lot more flighty and willing to run rather than face the things before us. We will all be experiencing a lot of deception and tensions will be quite high whether we want to deal with them or not. I know, that might sound scary, but it’s something we all need to face. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on some of the energies this moon holds:

New moon December 2020 and Mercury square Neptune brings the potential for confusion, deception, and susceptibility to infection. But the positive Mars aspects are stronger. This means quick thinking and clarity can overcome confusion and deception. You can be direct and assertive instead of unsure and hesitant.

The fixed stars bring the potential for immorality, misfortune, and epidemic infection. But they also give caution, thoughtfulness, quick thinking, and insight to protect yourself.

The Coronavirus pandemic has lasted so long but you must keep your guard up to avoid infection. The economic losses it has caused mean there are more desperate people in the world trying to deceive, cheat, and steal. So you also need a sharp intellect and assertive words to protect against deception and fraud.

The December 14 solar eclipse combined with the November 30 lunar eclipse form an eclipse phase that lasts until the lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021.

We are all in for a lot as this date comes into the picture. That being said, we should not be afraid. All of this will help us grow and some of us may be facing more positive things than we realize at the given moment. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. This Universe will not place you before something you cannot handle, keep that in mind as time continues to pass.